About Zespri


― Zespri is a company owned by 2,500 current and former New Zealand kiwifruit growers and cooperatively controlled by producing growers

Our mission is simple: to provide everyone with fresh, juicy and nutritious Zespri kiwifruit whenever they want one, whatever time of the year. To achieve this, we work with growers around the world to supply Zespri with the same high and consistent quality all year round. Ever since this fruit were first cultivated in New Zealand, our growers have been at the forefront of innovation and sustainable growing.

The philosophy of continuous improvement combined with our service, marketing support and responsiveness to customer requests are key elements in building and consolidating long term partnerships with our growers, customers and suppliers.

We have a long history and big ambitions, and are committed to innovation and excellence; these are goals we share with those who grow Zespri around the world, which ensures our product meets our promise of having the world’s best kiwifruit.

Today, Zespri is the world’s largest marketer of kiwifruit, selling to more than 54 countries and managing 30 per cent of the global traded volume



Zespri's goal is to inspire people around the world to live a life that is as delicious as a kiwifruit itself – a life full of goodness, flavour and vitality. We do this by delivering quality kiwifruit that are refreshingly delicious and loaded with healthy nutrients like no other. Every bite leaves you feeling revitalised, refreshed and healthy, so that you can live every day of your life to the fullest.


Our brand values are vitality, enjoyment, health, quality and trust and these are reflected in all our communications 



We are present all around the world from New Zealand to Europe, the Americas, Asia and Africa sharing the same corporate values everywhere.