What’s the link between gut health and mental health?


It’s widely accepted that what happens in your head can be felt in your stomach. After all, our language is full of expressions such as ‘gut feeling’, which are frequently used to describe the connection between our bodies and our minds.

What do you eat for breakfast on the Mediterranean diet?


It’s not hard to see why the Mediterranean diet remains as popular as ever. Rather than provide followers with a restrictive list of rules to follow, this food plan is anything but a finickity fad diet. Saying that however, it is still all too easy to fall into a breakfast rut when you are trying to eat in a healthy way. Don’t worry however: help is at hand! Keeping reading for some inspiring Mediterranean diet recipe tips that will make each and every morning something to look forward to.

How does nutrition affect sleep?


When it comes to feeling healthy and happy during the day, a good night’s sleep can often make all the difference: we feel lighter, brighter, and better able to achieve.

5 healthy meals to share with your family


February can be a funny old month. The festive season is a distant memory, but there are still weeks to go until the carefree days of spring. This means it is more important than ever to keep your spirits high by spending quality time with family members.

Bloating and high fibre foods…


Advice on what makes a healthy diet changes all the time. If you’re trying to eat better, it can be a bit of a challenge sifting through the latest ideas. 

4 healthy & guilt-free kiwifruit snacks


Many of us think that snacking between meals is a bad habit that should be avoided. But it depends on the snack! If you choose wisely, satisfying hunger between meals can actually be a healthy practice, and not one to feel guilty about.

5 comfort food recipes to welcome in autumn


If you’re anything like us, then the first chill in the air leaves you yearning for log fires, woollen blankets and warm, comforting meals. There is simply nothing better in the autumn months than preparing delicious home cooked meals to share with family and friends.

What type of kiwifruit are you?


If you’re like us, then you probably already know which animal best fits your personality, and which celebrity is your ideal dinner date.

Why kiwifruit is a top pregnancy choice


It isn’t always easy to keep your cool when the temperatures begin to soar, especially if you’re pregnant. High heat and humidity can transform glorious summer months into uncomfortable days, melting magical moments into a pool of sweat.

Finding Zespri SunGold at the end of the rainbow


According to ancient folklore, there’s a pot of gold to be found at the end of every rainbow. Sounds too good to be true? Well at Zespri we’ve got something even better: a delicious yellow kiwifruit with a full spectrum of flavours.

4 life tips to de-stress and relax


Modern life is hectic. The to-do-list never seems to get shorter, and some days feel like a constant battle to get things done. For this reason, it’s even more important than ever to be mindful and appreciate the little things.

Going gluten free with Zespri Green kiwifruit


Food-lovers know that eating well is so much more than merely getting the nutrition we need to survive. Meals shared between family and friends are at the heart of many happy times.  

Leave winter behind with kiwifruit


Take a deep breath – yes, it’s true – spring is here! Flowers are blooming, bees are buzzing and the birds are singing. But what about you? If winter has left you feeling a little lacklustre, then keep on reading.

Why is Zespri kiwifruit good for you?


If it tastes good, then it must be bad for you, right? Sadly, there are lots of tempting foods that taste great but do nothing for us nutritionally.  Luckily, the kiwifruit is an exception. 

Myth busting: Is kiwifruit a citrus fruit?


Of course not, but you probably knew that already! The kiwifruit may have some similar qualities to the citrus fruit family, but it is classed as a non-citrus exotic fruit.

What is the nutritional value of a Zespri kiwifruit?


With more food choices than ever, deciding what goes in the shopping basket to keep yourself and your family healthy and happy is not always and easy task. One thing you can be sure of, however, is that fruit and vegetables are always a great choice.

What is the origin of kiwifruit?


Fans of epic adventure stories full of discovery and excitement, listen up! Today kiwifruit is a regular feature of supermarket shelves, but it wasn’t always that way.

10 Incredible kiwifruit benefits


Have you ever heard the expression: ‘good things come in small packages’? Well when it comes to the humble kiwifruit, it’s certainly true!

4 amazing properties of Zespri SunGold kiwifruit


If you’ve never tried a yellow or golden kiwifruit before, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. If you’re a fan of the traditional green variety, then we think you’ll love Zespri SunGold, which is a sweeter, slightly tropical version!

How to make delicious kiwifruit desserts


Got a sweet tooth? Good news – we’re here to satisfy it! There are quite simply hundreds of delicious kiwifruit dessert recipes out there ready and waiting to be made.

4 reasons to choose Zespri Organic kiwifruit


These days, we are all concerned with respecting the environment – but it isn’t always easy. That’s why it is good to know that there are some simple, straightforward things you can do on an everyday basis.

Is your teen sleepier in spring?


It’s funny isn’t it. Spring is the season that many of us look forward to the most:  longer days, warmer nights, the promise of a new start.

Kiwifruit is a top folate food for children


While you may know that women planning to become pregnant need enough folate to ensure proper development of their babies, you may not know that this essential vitamin is also very important for children.