3 ways to tempt your Valentine with decadent kiwifruit desserts

Valentine’s Day pops up to tempt us with cream-filled chocolates and sugary candies.

Just when we were all getting into the swing of our healthy new year’s resolutions, Valentine’s Day pops up to tempt us with cream-filled chocolates and sugary candies. If you want to treat your Valentine to something special this year that won’t undo all of their hard work, we have the perfect solution!

Naturally sweet and delicious, Zespri kiwifruit combines perfectly with dark chocolate, crushed nuts and shredded coconut for the perfect Valentine’s Day treat that you can both enjoy guilt-free! What’s more, Zespri kiwifruit pack an amazingly healthy dose of essential nutrients.1,2

So if you’re looking for Valentine's Day ideas for your sweetheart, take a look at these edible Valentine's Day gifts to help you spark the romance this month:


1. Valentine’s Day kiwifruit chocolate boxs


Instead of a traditional box of chocolates, why not surprise your sweetheart with a chocolate-covered fruit box? Dip slices of kiwifruit in melted dark chocolate, lay them on greaseproof paper to dry, then pop them in a heart-shaped box! You could even try sprinkling some shredded coconut over the chocolate before it cools for a playful flavour twist.


2. Fresh kiwifruit and dark chocolate lollipops


Treat your Valentine to these small, delightful indulgences for treat they’ll remember forever! Pierce thick slices of kiwifruit onto skewers, then dip in melted chocolate. You could even roll the chocolate-covered fruit in different toppings – we love toasted nuts, shredded coconut, maple sugar and sprinkles.


3. Valentine's kiwifruit fondue

fondue_kiwiA pot of chocolate fondue on Valentine's Day is the perfect way to get warm cosy with that special someone. Use half-inch thick pieces of kiwifruit for the perfect dippers, and try rolling them in crushed nuts, crushed cookies, candy sprinkles or shaved chocolate for a real explosion of texture and taste.

Don’t have a fondue set? Simply use long bamboo skewers and serve the melted chocolate in a ceramic or glass bowl.



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