4 top tips to becoming a kiwifruit-eating expert


If you love kiwifruit as much as we do, then this week’s blog post is for you. That’s because we’ve got some great hints and tips that are sure to turn any kiwifruit fan into a super fan. As you probably already know by now, kiwifruit has a lot going for it. Packed full of flavour, its versatile nature means it can be prepared and eaten in a multitude of ways. And with the four key facts below, you’ll have all the ingredients you need to become a kiwifruit-eating expert…

 1. When is a Zespri Green kiwifruit ready to be eaten?


If you love kiwifruit as much as we do, then this week’s blog post is for you.

You’ll know your kiwifruit is ripe and ready when you give it a gentle squeeze. If it yields to light pressure, then it’s good to go! And if it feels too hard, you can always speed up ripening by placing it outside the fridge in a paper bag, or by storing it alongside other fruit  such as apples and bananas. Once you’re happy with the ripeness, it will keep in the fridge for around two weeks.


2. Can Zespri Green kiwifruit be crushed or mashed?



It certainly can! All you need is a few seconds with a fork – the smooth juicy flesh makes it easy to mash and combine with other ingredients. What’s more, this method leaves the seeds intact, which is perfect for adding a tasty, fibre-filled crunch to your favourite recipes.


3. What’s the best way to blend Zespri Green kiwifruit?



To be a true kiwifruit-eating expert, you have to know the golden rule of blending: don’t over process the pulp!  Go for a gentle pulse rather than a full on blitz which can cause the seeds to crack open, leaving the fruit puree with a slightly bitter taste. It’s certainly worth perfecting your technique however, as a blended kiwifruit is the ideal ingredient in chilled soups and smoothies (keep reading for one of our favourite recipes below!).


4. Why is Zespri Green kiwifruit so delicious?

Now this is one question that even the greatest kiwifruit experts can’t answer! It’s impossible to explain why kiwifruit are so refreshing, juicy and full-flavoured. But luckily for us, all we have to do is enjoy this fantastic fact.


So if you’re now feeling like a kiwifruit-eating expert, why not put some of that new-found knowledge to good use? Take this recipe for a Zespri Green Food Smoothie for example. A smooth blend of celery, asparagus, kale and kiwifruit, it’s a delicious (and healthy) reward for all your kiwifruit fact finding!

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