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What’s the best way to eat kiwifruit?

There are more ways of eating kiwifruit than you might think. Often kiwifruit is cut in two and the flesh scooped out but you can also peel, slice, and enjoy as a ready-to-eat snack.  Children love it peeled and cut into chunky pieces that are easy for little hands to pick up.  Or use in a fruit salad, on a fruit tart or with your muesli.

For that matter you can create no end of variations with cold or warm kiwifruit in the most wide-ranging starters, main courses and desserts. How about this menu, for example: an exciting kiwi cocktail as an aperitif, juicy prawns with a refreshing kiwi dip as a main dish, followed by a lamb and kiwi tagine, and kiwi ice cream to round off?  Be inspired by kiwifruit dishes in our recipe guide.

One thing is certain: however you eat your kiwifruit, you’ll be consuming a generous amount of delicious vitamins!

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