— Zespri green

Zespri green kiwifruit
  • Refreshing and full of flavour
  • Contains the enzyme actinidin
  • Rich in fibre that can help your digestive comfort

Zespri Green kiwifruit

Green kiwifruit is a long-standing classic, the backbone of Zespri, and the best-known variety all over the world.


 Zespri Green kiwifruit is available all year round. Can be enjoyed as an energy boost and vitamin power pack in winter months or as a refreshing snack in summer


A refreshing delicacy

Zespri Green kiwifruit, also known as Hayward, is refreshing, juicy and full-flavoured. It’s a tasty portable treat that provides a vitamin boost at the same time.

  • With a fresh flavour and natural juiciness, alone or combined with other fruits or vegetables, it’s a perfect addition to healthy smoothies.
  • Kiwifruit’s sweet/sharp properties make it an excellent palate cleanser. It goes very well with oily fish and fattier meats.
  • Perfect as a flavour contrast in salads with bitter leaves, such as rocket or endives.
  • Use it to brighten up traditional dishes. A few slices of kiwifruit in a sandwich or beside some grilled chicken or a little fresh kiwifruit salsa with herbs to add colour to baked fish.

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Health benefits

Zespri Green kiwifruit is simply bursting with vitamin C and antioxidants, but it is also an excellent source of fibre. Green kiwifruit contains more fibre than three whole celery sticks and simply adding Green kiwifruit to your daily diet can improve your digestion, keep you regular and prevent constipation.

Naturally a good source of potassium and natural source of folate means you’re getting excellent nutrition.


 Kiwifruit brings a feeling of lightness and well-being. Adopt two kiwifruits per day at a daily diet



With Zespri operating kiwifruit orchards in both the northern and southern hemisphere, you can enjoy Zespri Green kiwifruit all year round. From May to November this delicious fruit comes from New Zealand and from December to May it comes from Italy, Greece and France.



Zespri Green kiwifruit can be kept in the fridge for around two weeks after purchase. To slow down the ripening process, keep it separate from other fruit. On the other hand, to speed up the ripening process, store it at room temperature in a paper bag with apples, oranges bananas or pears, but away from sunlight.


Zespri® Green

Biological name:
Actinidia deliciosa

From May to November (inclusive):

From December to May (inclusive):
Italy, Greece and France

Classic egg-shape

Bronze with short fibres

Bright emerald green with black edible seeds

Sweet & fresh with tangy, lime-like qualities

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