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Zespri organic kiwifruit
  • Kinder to the environment
  • Green and Gold Organic varieties
  • 100% organically grown

Zespri Organic kiwifruit

Respect for nature and the environment

Nature is precious, and Zespri is more keenly aware of that than anyone. All Zespri kiwifruit are therefore grown, packaged and transported in an environmentally friendly manner.

That awareness begins with the selection of the orchard.


 We start by selecting locations with ideal kiwifruit growing conditions.  The result is that they are less prone to disease, less likely to suffer from mould and consequently require minimum treatment


Thanks to a whole series of sustainability and quality initiatives, Zespri easily meets the strict quality and safety standards laid down by New Zealand. Indeed, when it comes to Zespri Organic, Zespri takes it a step further.


All-natural fertilisers and recycled resources

Zespri Organic kiwifruit is grown in orchards using only organic and mineral fertilisers which do not pollute the soil. The growers use natural substances, such as compost or algae, to combat parasites and plant diseases. Herbicides, insecticides or other synthetic substances do not enter the orchard, which means that Zespri Organic grows in complete harmony with nature.


Strict monitoring

Every Zespri Organic kiwifruit is subject to strict monitoring by BIO-GRO, New Zealand’s most important compliance and enforcement organisation. When our organic kiwifruit arrives in Europe an extra check is made by a recognised inspection body. The words “Organic Green” or “Organic SunGold” on the sticker are therefore a guarantee of the very best kiwis grown using 100% organic techniques. “Nature at its most beautiful”. For all those who consciously choose organic.


Green or SunGold?

Zespri Organic kiwifruit is available in both Green and SunGold varieties. The characteristics and nutritional value are the same as those of conventionally produced Zespri Green and Zespri SunGold.

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Zespri® Organic

Biological name:
Zespri® Organic Green:
Actinidia deliciosa
Zespri® Organic Gold: 
Actinidia chinensis Planch. var. chinensis ‘Hort16A’
Zespri® Organic SunGold: 
Actinidia chinensis Planch. var. chinensis ‘Zesy002’

From May to November (inclusive):

From December to May (inclusive):

Zespri® Organic Green:
Classic Egg-shape
Zespri® Organic Gold:
Zespri® Organic SunGold:

Zespri® Organic Green:
Bronze with short fibres
Zespri® Organic Gold: 
Smooth, light to dark brown colour
Zespri® Organic SunGold:
Smooth, light to dark brown colour

Zespri® Organic Green:
Fresh, bright green
Zespri® Organic Gold:
Light yellowy-gold colour
Zespri® Organic SunGold:
Pale golden colour

Zespri® Organic Green:
Sweet and sour, refreshing
Zespri® Organic Gold:
Sweet and tropical
Zespri® Organic SunGold:
Sweet and juicy

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